Brussels, Belgium
1H 20MIN.

RICK BAGUETTE & ROZEVELT played a massive set during our Brussels Sessions 😮‍💨💥

RICK BAGUETTE ignites the dance floor with his innovative approach to music. For Rick, music is all about experimenting with different genres and crafting unique sounds that will elevate your senses. From hypnotizing sounds wrapped in bleeps and bloops to more progressive and uplifting bass lines, RICK BAGUETTE’s sets are an extraordinary auditory experience. 🥖

When the sweat starts to pour and you spot a white towel on the dance floor, you know that ROZEVELT is in control! His unstoppable energy creates an intimate and steamy atmosphere, filled with electrifying electro and minimal sounds, spiced with a touch of French finesse and recognizable synthesizers...🕺

They both don’t stop at DJing; they also passionately support the music scene with their own party and radio concept, ‘Radio Hot Buns.’ In this innovative project, they invite their favorite musical bakers from all over the world to share their skills and blend their unique flavors into the musical mix. After all, we all know that music is best served in a hot bun. 📻